4. Bridging Assets to Evmos

Bridging Through Nomad

Bridging assets across chains using Nomad should be intuitive and easy with the Nomad GUI at
Step 1: Connect to Metamask:
Connect to Metamask
Step 2: Select origin and destination networks:
Select Origin and Destination Networks
(Optional) Change Destination address. This is set as your wallet address by default. Click "edit". A modal will pop up, click "change" inside the input. Then copy your address, click to paste, and save.
CAUTION: Sending assets to an address you do not control can result in a permanent loss of funds!
Change Destination
Paste Destination
Step 3:
Select the asset you want to send using the asset dropdown menu and the amount you want to send using the input prompt:
Select an Asset and Amount
Click Next:
Select an Asset and Amount
Step 4:
Review your transaction details and associated fees.
Approve Bridge Transaction
Click Send and approve the transaction in Metamask:
Approve Bridge Transaction
After approving the transaction, you will be taken to the transaction details page. Here, you will see the estimated time remaining for your transfer to complete. Please save your transaction hash for convenience. If you lose it, you can visit your wallet address on the block explorer of the origin network and find the transaction again.
See Transaction Details
You can expand the time estimate tab to track your transaction status by clicking the down arrow in the blue box:
See Expanded Transaction Details
(Optional) If you navigated away from the GUI at any point and want to find your transfer's progress page again, visit and enter the origin network and your transfer's transaction hash.
Search Tx
Once your transfer has completed, you should see the below display and your funds will be in the account of your destination address. If your transfer is taking longer than expected, please reach out to Nomad on Discord in the #support channel: